Family is a brief submersion into a time gone by...It's a game about relaxing in a warm memory, either your own or in my case, someone else's. And you know what? The Smiths: finally I'm beginning to see why. - Robert Purchese, Eurogamer

Family is great...clearly borne from a love and deep understanding of indie music, and of a bygone age of music journalism... If the words 'NME' and 'Melody Maker' are not just meaningless noise, you should probably play it. - Tom Sykes, PC Gamer

"Goodness me, this is a clever thing... really satisfying hour or so. It’s quite mad that this is free...a job well done" - John Walker (RPS Founder), Buried Treasures.

Family is a really interesting concept... a different kind of detective game and definitely one worth giving a look if you have any interest in the pop scene of that era. - Jupiter Hadley, IndieGamesPlus.

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Family is a puzzle game, based around a fictional, forgotten 80s indie music scene.

Discover the strange and wonderful music of long-lost bands, while uncovering their stories.

A note about the Web Version

This has a slimmed down version of the cut scenes for intro, tutorial and outro. The rest of game is identical. However, I do recommend downloading the 'full fat' Windows version, if you have option.


Music, Art & Code by Tim Sheinman (Owl_Skip)

Voice work by Hattie Snooks, Daniel Duke, Mark West

Bass Guitar - Ali Wedderburn.



In the main game screen, you can open the family tree by clicking on the bottom left hand corner.

You may identify any musician by clicking on them and selecting a name from the book.

Upon selecting 5 musicians correctly, the game will let you know.

When all 30 musicians are identified. The game is completed.


Windows: Download file and run installer


This only works on OS before Catalina.

Mac can be really tough to run indie programs on. However, here is how to do it.

1. Got to system preferences.

2. Open Security.

3. In General, change 'Allow apps downloaded from' to Anywhere.

4. If this is not possible, go to the terminal and type sudo spctl --master-disable. Then type in your password. 

5. Download and open application. 

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tagsindie, Music, Music Production, Narrative, Short


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This was fantastic, the music was great, and the radio show was excellently produced. I thoroughly enjoyed it

Really glad you enjoyed it, many thanks!

Amazing work! The wife and I played it while having a drink and had a great evening. Would love a follow up if you ever decide to do one.

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it. Although in a different setting, I do have a few things you may enjoy on my itch page, which are also detective games using audio. I would suggest The Remains of Richard Fleming, followed by the Russian Doll.

I'll be sure to check them out. Nice one

Terrific work. Loved the radio show in the background, very Sunday afternoon 6Music - could definitely see this expanding and deepening, it's a really neat piece and world.

(1 edit)

Thanks! Sundays are the heart of 6Music- Guy, Cerys, Jarvis, all that good stuff. Had a lot of fun recording the show and sticking my crap jokes in.

Loved it!

Thanks very much!

Very cool!

Thanks very much!

I really like 80s and 90s alternatives and all these were spot on stylistically. Also I love reading about music scenes so this is awesome! Would love one for other decades/genres!

Thanks very much! If you're interested in this stuff, check out Rock Family Trees, the 90s show by John Peel (it's on youtube). The game is partially dedicated to this and takes lots of cues from it. Regarding making this for new scenes...what an exhausting prospect...but, what scenes would you suggest? :)

2000s garage, 1970s new york, 1960s new york folk, 1990s K records-type thing

Oh my,  all excellent choices. I think 1960s one would be like Inside Llewelyn Davis. It was a deliberate choice not to pick a scene that was vastly known about like grunge or Britpop. I always think the most interesting thing about scenes is the early days, before anyone knows what they're about, don't you?

That's very true. In that case I would look into a book called Perfect Youth. It's a book with really obscure early Canadian punk scenes. Very good read!

This was absolutely brilliant! Pitch perfect music stylings, great performances in the radio sections, and a generally really fun multi media logic puzzle. Could have happily had it go on for longer! More please :D 

Many thanks! If you enjoyed that, you may also enjoy this.

The Remains of Richard Fleming

What are your inspirations for each band? I was really disappointed they were only imagined. They sound seriously amazing, I would love to show my dad- who's a fan of 80's music just like this.


Rara- Jesus and Mary Chain

Rialtos -The Smith's

Klanger - Soft Cell

Easy Tiger - Kate Bush 

Clarisse- Elvis Costello

Casta Nyet- Mock Turtles/Stone Rose's

Little Red Marx - Talk Talk/Tears for Fears

Dova Pavlova - Slowdive

The Watercolours - Cocteau Twins

very fun and interesting puzzle. i really enjoyed how it gives you breadcrumbs... :)

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this was excellent, it felt so real, I actually went on looking up the bands on the internet afterwards ;)

I love the mood, you caught the 80-90s nostalgia really well. Dova Pavlova is my personal favorite :)


Many thanks. Dova Pavlova is based on Slowdive, so perhaps you may enjoy this band, if you dont already.

Okay so I don't usually comment on here (hell I don't log in most of the time), but damn this was good. 

Music was amazing. I'll admit I don't know much about music composition, but it sounded so well developed. I loved how you could hear the changes in the sounds for each band. The radio segments didn't feel scripted, felt like I was listening to an actual radio interview. It had me looking up the bands to see if they were real. 

The varied formats of the puzzle clues kept it interesting, though I will say the puzzle itself wasn't super difficult. Not a downside, the clues mixed in with the radio created a multidimensional experience as is.

Awesome game to get lost in for an hour, excellent work.

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Thanks very much, that's just great to hear! Really glad you enjoyed.